LEARN ABOUT SERBIA… – Peasants shoes



Peasants are rural lacquer, leather shoes, which are tightened around the leg straps or rigging. In the Balkan peninsula is very widespread in various shapes, colors and fashion accessories. For Serbs, peasants are a traditional Serbian shoes and its national symbol.

"Opanak" shape is different in different parts of Serbia. The most common forms are the "beak" or without it. Beak is called a top front that is easily bent upward, where it starts overlapping rigging. Peasants shoes with a "beak" is called "deer". Most often made ​​of calf skin, but the footwear made ​​from pig skin called "šivenjaci".

In the time since the Second World War and footwear were made from old worn tires, so called. "Wheel" shoes. In recent years, modern shoe factory produce shoes of rubber that can be setup inside the cloth belt or buttoning. The people you diaper called "Piroćane" because they were produced in Pirot.


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